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Radionomy Group includes groundbreaking companies and pioneers of the digital audio market. Represented in the Radionomy Group of companies are Radionomy, Shoutcast, TargetSpot and Winamp. Radionomy Group has a global footprint with operations in the United States, France, Spain and Germany.













I. Use of the Site

These terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the Disclaimer) apply to the site www.RadionomyGroup.com, (hereinafter referred to as the "Site").

This Site has been created and is managed by Radionomy Group SA, whoseregistered office and operating headquarters are located at Atrium 8th floor,Strawinskylaan 3127, 1077ZX Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS and whose company number is BE 0892.300.624.Consultation and use of the Site automatically implies full acceptance of the Disclaimer. Access to information contained in the site is free of charge, but implies that the user has read and accepted theDisclaimer. When a visitor (hereinafter "you") continues consultation of the Site, this means that he has formally accepted the content of the Disclaimer.Access to the site is open and free of charge. If applicable, you must register on the Site, communicatecertain data and possibly create an access code or a password to use certain services proposed in the Site.If you do not accept the conditions of the services, or the policy on respect of privacy of these services, youcannot use the services proposed. If there is a charge for access to certain services, you will be informed atthe appropriate point before you register, and the applicable conditions, prices and means of payment will beindicated. By simply using the Site, you accept the Disclaimer fully and unconditionally and you undertake to comply with all the clauses. In the case of refusal of all or part of the Disclaimer, we recommend you refrain from visiting or using the Site.These conditions apply to the use pages on the Site. At the same time, other conditions or on-line contracts are included in the Site for special situations or services proposed by the Site, such as relations withMembers, Radio Creators, Content Providers, forums, etc. These conditions will be proposed to you andyou must formally accept them before any use of these services or special situations.Radionomy Group reserves the right to adapt the Disclaimer at any time, without prior notice, particularly in view ofevolution in the law or jurisprudence. Consequently, we recommend consulting the Disclaimer regularly tobecome familiar with the most recent version. Insofar as possible, in the event of a substantial modificationof the Disclaimer, information on this subject will be proposed on the Site.

In principle, the Site is accessible continually, except for interruption, scheduled or other, for maintenance or in the case of unforeseeable circumstances. Radionomy Group can under no circumstances be held liable for damages, of any kind whatsoever, resulting from the non-availability of the Site.

II. Information proposed by the Site

Radionomy Group continually manages and adapts the Site in order to give visitors the most recent information onits products, services and activities. The purpose of the Site is to inform visitors as well as possible. If mistaken information is published, Radionomy Group will make every effort to correct it as soon as the error is discovered. Radionomy Group cannot be held liable for the accuracy or exhaustiveness of the informationconsulted on the Site. Information published on the Site is of a general nature, and is not designed to respond to an individualneed; it is not necessarily complete or up to date, and does not constitute professional advice or recommendations. Radionomy Group does not guarantee the legality of the information published or proposed by the Site (including the advertising messages that are published under the responsibility of the advertiser).The content of the Site (including the hyperlinks) can be adapted, modified or completed at any time withoutprior notice or communication of any kind.The purpose of this site is purely informational, and no order or application for services will ever be finalizedby simply visiting the Site. Consequently, the site does not constitute a firm offer, and any commercialrequest will always be subject to your registration on the Site under the appropriate headings and theacceptance of Radionomy Group that need not justify its decision. Confirmation from Radionomy Group will always be necessary.

III. Radionomy Groupʼs liability

Radionomy Group does not guarantee continual availability, without error or interruption, of all functions of the Site,nor the immediate repair of errors, nor the total absence of viruses or any other harmful elements on the Siteor originating from the Site. Radionomy Group therefore cannot be held liable for any loss or damage (direct,consequential, material or intangible) incurred in relation with the use of the Site or the impossibility of usingthe Site. Radionomy Group refuses any liability in the event of inappropriate or fraudulent use of the informationsupplied on the site.

IV. Hyperlinks to the Site

The creation of links to the Site must be communicated to the administrator of the site. The link must be designed in such a way so that a new, additional window opens in the navigator proposing the home page ofthe site exclusively. Deep linking is prohibited.

V. Hyperlinks to other sites

The Site can contain direct and indirect hyperlinks to other sites of institutions and private parties that areeither related to Radionomy Group, or totally independent of Radionomy Group. Radionomy Group can under no circumstances be held liable for any content or privacy policy of any kind that may be part of a site to which the Siteproposes a link. The creation of hyperlinks to one or several other sites, including links established withinthese sites, in no way means that there is an association, partnership, membership or approval of any kindwith the institution proposing these sites.As soon as Radionomy Group becomes aware of any illegal content, or content not corresponding to the objectivesought, on a site to which a link is identified by the Site, the hyperlink will be withdrawn from the Site, withoutthis entailing any liability of Radionomy Group for the period during which the hyperlink was proposed on the Site.Radionomy Group cannot be held liable for errors in the addresses of web sites or domain names given on the Site.

VI. Content proposed by the users of the Site

Certain users of the Site will have the opportunity to use and supply content (video, audio, text, photographicmaterial or other) and to place it in part of the Site intended for these users. In the context of contractualrelations between Radionomy Group and these users, the users give Radionomy Group explicit authorization to reproduceand communicate the content they have proposed to the public via Internet in the entire world, withoutlimitation in time. Users are entirely and exclusively liable for the content of their contribution(s) and the consequences of its being broadcast on the Site.

On this subject, Radionomy Group has the role of a technical intermediary and hostonly. The users have contractually guaranteed Radionomy Group that they own all the rights and have allnecessary authorizations for reproduction and communication to the public on the Site, as concerns copyright, related rights, intellectual property rights, use rights, and in a general way they guarantee Radionomy Group against any third-party action. The users have also undertaken not to propose illegal content or content that is prejudicial to a third party.Radionomy Group does not have the possibility to exercise prior control of all content proposed by users and is notin a position to report infringements of third-party rights. Nevertheless, Radionomy Group expressly reserves theright not to broadcast or to delete from its Site any illegal content, or any content for which it can reasonably suppose, or which it has learned from a visitor or an interested third-party, that it constitutes an infringementof third-party rights, as soon as Radionomy Group becomes aware or has any suspicion of infringement of suchrights, and will do so immediately, without first informing the user who transmitted the content in question andwithout being required to show proof of the possible illegality or infringement of third-party rights.In the case of deletion of content, Radionomy Group reserves the right to inform any user concerned a posteriori,and to take any appropriate measures to prevent reoccurrence, including the temporary or definitiveprohibition to use the Site or all or part of the services proposed. In the event of illegal or prejudicial content,Radionomy Group can take all necessary and adequate measures without notice, including notifying the competentjudicial authorities or other control authorities.If you observe or think you observe content that seems illegal, shocking or reprehensible, or for which yousuppose that your rights or the right of third parties have been infringed by the broadcasting of the contentproposed by users of the Site, you can point this out by sending an e-mail to the address notification@radionomy.com , specifying the address of the page of the Site in which you found this content,the date and the time on which you made this observation, and the reasons for which you feel the contentshould be withdrawn.

VII. Intellectual property

The texts, photographs, page-make up, layout, slogans, illustrations and other elements appearing on thesite www.RadionomyGroup.com are protected by copyright. The trade name Radionomy Group™, logos, drawings, slogans and databases are protected. Any copy, adaptation, translation, arrangement, utilization or modification of all or part of the Site, in any form and by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited withoutprior written authorization from Radionomy Group. The users of the Site expressly undertake to fully comply withcopyright belonging to Radionomy Group or to third parties. Radionomy Group reserves the right to take all measures thatit considers adequate in order to prevent or terminate infringement of its copyright, without any incurring any liability as a result of these measures. Radionomy Group only authorizes the visitor to copy, print and use the dataon the Site, subject to the sole condition that these data are intended for the visitorʼs information to the exclusion of any multiplication, distribution or commercialization thereof.

VIII. Privacy

Radionomy Groupʼs policy for the respect of privacy concerning simple visitors to the Site is accessible in the ʻPrivacy policyʼ page of this section.

IX. Liability of the visitor

By gaining access to the information proposed on the Site, you waive any complaint or recourse of any kindwhatsoever against Radionomy Group concerning the use of the data or information made available to you on theSite. Radionomy Group can under no circumstances be held liable in the event of damage of any kind, be itconsequential or fortuitous. Similarly, by gaining access to the information proposed by the Site, you acceptto assume all risks inherent to the use of the Site and waive any claim against Radionomy Group, including the risk of damage caused to a computer, software or to data by a virus that may be transmitted or activated by theSite or by the fact that you have gained access to it.Security of the Site.

To ensure security of the Site, Radionomy Group will take all necessary measures such as security audits,encryption techniques, secured environment and all reasonable measures and procedures given the state ofthe art in the field. Certain zones of the Site can be reserved and subject to access procedures. In the eventof an attack of the Site, computer crime, or any other unauthorized attempt to gain access to all or part of theSite, Radionomy Group will use all legal means at its disposal to maintain the integrity of the Site and will do so incollaboration with the competent judicial and police authorities.

X. Nullity of a clause

Any nullity, illegality or non-applicability of one or several clauses of the Disclaimer will not result in the nullityor non-applicability of the other clauses. The provision that is totally or partially illegal, null or inapplicablewill be deemed null and void, all other provisions remaining in application. The provision declared null and void will then be replaced by another provision with the same effect.Applicable law Your visit to the site implies your agreement with this Disclaimer, and therefore constitutes an on-lineagreement; you accept that Belgian law governs any challenge or action pertaining to the Site and any dataappearing on it. On consulting the Site, you recognize the jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels, Belgium, andyou accept to launch proceedings before those courts only.

Radionomy Group B.V.'s PRIVACY POLICY

I. Identification of the site and the organization responsible for it

Modern information and communication technologies play a fundamental role in the activities of an organization like Radionomy Group B.V.

Our main activities consist of creating and providing aid for the creation of radio stations, on Internet and providing services related to this activity, as well as providing tools and services for the listening of radio stations and music on the Internet (here below called the 'Services'). The Services include all services supplied by the Site, particularly: hosting services, enhancement and provision of multimedia content, communication between Users, making tools (including software) available, and more generally any other service proposed by the Site. The Services also include communications intended for Users particularly administrative messages, newsletters pertaining to the Services and forums/blogs.

In this context, Radionomy Group B.V. undertakes to scrupulously respect Dutch and European legislation concerning protection of personal data.

Our policy with regard to privacy applies to Radionomy Group BV and to its web site www.RadionomyGroup.com (here below referred to as the Site).

The organization responsible for data processing is RADIONOMY GROUP B.V.

Atrium 8th floor
Strawinskylaan 3127
1077ZX Amsterdam
KvK : 59378670
Email address : info@radionomygroup.com
Contact person : Alexandre Saboundjian
Telephone : +31(0)885609950

II. Acceptance of our privacy policy

By using the Site, you explicitly declare that you accept Radionomy Group BVʼs privacy policy and you consent to our collection and processing of your personal data for the purposes and in the manner described in this policy.

III. Identification of users of the Site

The Site may be visited and used by various categories of persons: - Visitor: Any person occasionally consulting the Site and having access to the content of this Site

IV. Automatic collection of surfing information

The following information is collected automatically when Users surf on the Site:

IP Address, DNS Address, Navigator Screen resolution, Page preceding arrival on the Site. We collect this data exclusively for purposes of statistics on frequency of visits to the Site, and we do not connect them with personal data we collect otherwise.

V. Cookies

ʻCookiesʼ may be recorded on your system (a "Cookie" is a small file sent by the Internet server which is recorded on your system and keeps track of the Internet site visited and contains certain information on the visit that is accessible by that site only) during your visit to the Site. Where required by applicable law, we will obtain your prior consent to the placing of cookies on your system in accordance with applicable laws. Please note that you can refuse these cookies by programming your Internet browser or system either to be informed of the existence of cookies, or to refuse them systematically. Cookies are used for the purpose of facilitating navigation on our site as well as for statistics.

Radionomy Group B.V. does not establish a link between the information that may have been automatically recorded by cookies and the nominative personal data concerning Users. VI. Data collected and specification of purposes

We only collect personal data other than those mentioned under IV and V if you voluntarily supply your data. We can also collect information concerning you from other sources (public bodies or private organizations that process your personal data and have the right to transmit them to us). We may also receive personal data where acquiring assets or business from a third party in accordance with applicable law.

We will only process the data we collect when you register on the Site or use it for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or as permitted in accordance with applicable law. We do not request nor collect sensitive data about you . You will be invited to fill in a form where certain fields in bold or possibly followed by an asterisk (*) must be filled in to enable us to supply the service requested. Other fields are optional. The optional fields are exclusively intended to let us contact you quickly if this proves necessary or to better identify your fields of interest in order to send you information corresponding to them.

If you communicate your postal address to us, you may receive direct marketing postal mail from us (except if you object to the use of your data for marketing purposes) or, subject to your specific consent, from our commercial partners. If you do not wish to receive such mail any longer, you may object at any time and free of charge by contacting us at the address mentioned in point 1 here above.

If you communicate your telephone number to us, you may receive a telephone call from us (except if you object to the use of your data for marketing purposes) or, subject to your specific consent, from one of our commercial partners for marketing purposes. If you do not wish to receive such calls any longer, you may object at any time and free of charge by contacting us at the address mentioned in point 1here above.

If you communicate your e-mail address to us and check appropriate opt-in boxes on our Site to provide your prior consent, this means that you accept to receive direct marketing e- mail from us, or from our partners. If you do not wish to receive such e-mail any longer, you may object at any time and free of charge by contacting us at the address mentioned in point 1 here above.

VII. Categories of personal data processed

Depending on your use of the Site and of our Services, personal data that are collected and processed by us about you may include:

VIII. Purposes of data processing

The purposes for which we collect your personal data are as follows :

Managing statistics on visits to the Site based on the data collected automatically;

Doing market studies;

Managing a request for information;

Providing the tools and Services that you request;

This privacy policy shall not restrict the rights that Radionomy Group BV may have with regard to the processing of personal data of any natural person in virtue of contracts or other legislation.

Radionomy Group BV may also process personal data, albeit anonymising it to the full extent permitted so as not to make it irrelevant, to comply with laws, decrees, as well as judicial and/or administrative orders in the field of intellectual property laws.

IX. Disclosure of data to a third party.

We may disclose, with your prior consent where required by law, your personal data to our commercial partners, so we or our commercial partners can send you promotional offers corresponding to your preferences. At any time and free of charge, you have the right to object from receiving direct marketing from these partners.

We may also share your personal data within the Radionomy Group B.V. group of companies.

We reserve the right to transmit personal data on the request of a judicial or administrative authority where required by law or upon a legitimate request from such authority.

The above recipients may be located in or out of the European Economic Area ('EEA'), including in countries that may not adduce the same level of protection of personal data as in the EEA. Radionomy Group B.V. shall implement appropriate measures in accordance with applicable law in order to provide an adequate level of protection to the transfer of your personal out of the EEA, for example by entering into appropriate data transfer agreements conforming to the EU Commission's standard contractual clauses and/or obtaining your unambiguous consent to such transfers.

X. Duration of conservation of data

The data collected are kept for an indeterminate duration, as long as you do not unsubscribe for the Services for which you are registered, or as further required by law.

Your data will no longer be processed in the context of these Services as soon as you request the termination of the Services by contacting us at the address indicated in point 1 here above.

After that, they will be kept exclusively for statistical purposes or in the context of our legal rights and obligations, such as accounting and tax, and will not be exploited in any further commercial way.

XI. Confidentiality and security

We do not systematically give the possibility to visitors of our site to use a secure transmission method to send us personal data. Our Site and our company apply a policy, rules and security measures targeting the protection of personal data. Radionomy Group BV diligently updates data to correct or eliminate inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant data as certain that, for persons acting under its authority, access to data and the possibilities for processing are limited to what is needed by these persons for the exercise of their duties, or corresponds to the needs of the service; informs persons acting under its authority of the provisions of Belgian law and implementing decrees, as well as any pertinent requirements concerning protection of privacy in the processing of personal data; ascertains compliance of programs used for automatic processing of personal data with the terms of its declaration to the Privacy Commission, and monitors the regularity of their application; ascertains that any person who has access to personal data under the authority of the organization responsible for processing data or that of a subcontractor, and the subcontractor itself, can only process such data on instructions from the organization responsible for processing data, except in the case of an obligation imposed by or in virtue of the law, a decree or a court order. Radionomy Group BV takes the necessary technical and organizational measures, and requires its subcontractors and partners to do the same, to protect personal data from accidental or unauthorized destruction, accidental loss and from modification, access or any other processing of data of a personal nature. These measures ensure an adequate level of protection in view, on one hand, of the state of techniques in the field and the costs entailed for the application of these measures and, on the other hand, of the nature of the data to be protected and the potential risks.

XII. Third party processors

When processing is entrusted to a subcontractor, Radionomy Group BV will choose a subcontractor that provides sufficient guarantees with regard to technical and organizational security measures concerning processing; will ensure compliance of these measures particularly by stipulation of contractual terms; in the contract, will determine the subcontractor's liability to the organization responsible for processing personal data; will agree with any subcontractor that such subcontractor will act only on the instructions of the organization responsible for the processing and is bound by the same obligations as those binding the organization responsible for the processing in application of the law; will set down in writing or in an electronic medium the elements of the contract concerning protection of data and the requirements on security measures.

XIV. Access to your personal data processed by Radionomy Group B.V.

You have the right to request access to and receive details about the personal data we hold about you as data controller, and to request update of – and rectification of inaccuracies in – your personal data. You also have the right to object, at any time and free of charge, to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification and objection by sending a letter by post to the contact person mentioned under point 1 here above. We will request proof of your identity (copy of identity card or passport) to be sure to respect your personal data and not to send them to a third party. The information that we hold concerning you, or a notice specifying that we do not hold any data concerning you, will be sent without cost within 45 days of your valid request.

Newsletters, e-mails, mailings and correspondence that you receive will always mention the possibility of objecting to receiving any message in the future and modifying your personal data if necessary.

XV. Contact points for protection of privacy

For any question or problem concerning our policy for the protection of privacy, please contact the contact person whose name is given in point 1 here above.